Welcome to my website.

This website gives you a quick, but comprehensive overview of my professional achievements in a more personal setting.

Currently I’m situated at the UMC Utrecht department of Pathology in the breast cancer research group of Dr. Patrick Derksen (www.derksenlab.org). As a senior Postdoc in his group I supervise students, teach courses on the university level, supervise Ph.D. students, apply for funding, and manage my own projects.

I’m fortunate to be at the fore front of translating discovery-based fundamental science to patient relevant therapeutic interventions.


  • Active researcher in the European MechanoControl consortium (http://mechanocontrol.eu/)
  • Active researcher in the European Lobular Breast Cancer consortium (www.elbcc.org)
  • Active management team member of the EU COST Action CA19138 “LOBSTERPOT”
  • UMC Utrecht OncoCareer Board member (https://www.umcutrecht.nl/en/oncocareer-board)
  • HAN University of Applied Sciences graduation committee member

I know Twitter is a thing among researchers ;).

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I got interviewed recently for the MechanoControl Project! Click here to check it out!

Last update: February 2022